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With technology, there are no limitations!
"The Intellect Technologies"come up with creative ways to provide Hands-On training on various technologies to students which helps them to build their extraordinary projects and career. These Hands-on training are in terms of Workshops, STTPs, Industrial training, guest lectures, etc. If you are passionate to learn technologies, TIT is with you!

We work on PYTHON, MACHINE LEARNING, VIRTUAL REALITY, AUGMENTED REALITY, INTERNET OF THINGS & AUTOMATION, ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT & updating. Just Contact us from anywhere in India, and we will be there at your place* to provide you Hands-on training on the above technologies. Apart from services we also do Manufacturing and Project development.We belive in:

  • Quality Education in a practical approach.
  • 100% Hands-on learning with live projects.
  • Invest less, Learn More

Our Services

Industrial Training

We provide MSBTE approved industrial training. It is an great apportunity for Diploma students to learn new technologies with projects.


Workshop is an 2 to 6 days full-time interactive learning course which is 100% practical oriented with one project.

STTP / FDP Programs

We provide AICTE approved STTP Programs. This program is 100% Hands on with project specially for faculties and industrial persons.

Project Development

Choosing technology and developing a project is big task for students, So we provide project guidence for students to build their projects.


We filter the extraordinary talent among the students by conducting various competitions at the end of workshop or Industrial training and provide them excellent Internships* or Trainings*


Apart from service, we also do manufacturing for automation industries.



Every sufficiently advanced AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning applications are eventually implemented by Python. Python has simple-clean syntax, good library support, concise and readable code that express a lot of action in a small amount of clear code. Join us to learn Python from begginers to advanced and get into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Machine Learning

Imagine a machine that thinks, acts or speaks like a human ! This is era of Digital Humans and it is growing so rapidly that, Machine learning and deep learning will create a new set of hot jobs in the next 5 years. Join us to understand the concepts, algorithms and career path of Machine learning by developing our own Projects!

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Android App Development

Sometimes we are no getting our desired application on Google play store. So don't Worry ! its time to create our own application and place it on Google play store. Join us and learn from scrach - how to develop Android application, working with database and many more! Working with android studio is really fun and you will enjoy it!

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Internet Of Things - IoT

Everyone likes the word -"Automatic"! IoT bring us the world of automation in which we can automate almost every electonic equipment. You can control anyting just by your phone. Let's join us to learn the concept of IoT, microcontrollers, sensors, actuators and many more by doing a project.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open. For watching 3D movies, we required 3D glasses as medium. but in virtual reality, the medium is disappearing, that your consciousness becomes the medium. VR help us to get real experience of unreal world. There is so much to build in VR. Join us learn how to develop 3D games, scenes, movies etc.

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Augmented Reality

These next few years we will see a boom in smartphone AR by the developer platforms from the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple. Nowdays only this biggest IT companies on earth are getting into AR technology. It gives huge career scope with highest payment scale in upcoming years. To understand AR in detailed, join us to learn and develop projects on Augmented reality.

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